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Looking for Players - PC
Will be joining the server tomorrow, I'm still very new to OW but I'm excited to join since I've seen so many good things about your server :).
Heya! Nice to hear. I saw you joined, I hope you're having fun! If anyone else is interested in joining, please do! We're super open to new people, and don't mind messaging me BitterSweet#2638 or any of the other Staff people when you start off.
Hey, everyone! We're gonna be having an event this Saturday, open to everyone, so make sure to join and get to know people! It'll be a meetup for everyone to relax and get to know each other, and we'll have a few people running gamemodes that you can switch between and see what people have to offer. Come on and chill!
No need to be afraid about hopping in and saying Hi!
Friendly people, ask help and you'll get it about anything and everything. Interesting people to play with ^^
Just always having a great time :D
Nice people, some are playing right now
We're still going strong! We just had an Overwatch meetup, and a bracket R6 event, and we're going to have karaoke night and a member-hosted Civ V this Friday at 6 PM and & 7 PM UTC respectively. Be sure to come on if any of that interest you, or if you just want to meet some new people to hang out with and make some friends!
We are hosting an Overwatch Arcade Event on March 17th at 6pm UTC for EU and PTR servers if you'll like to check us out! There are plans for other events as well if this time doesn't fit your schedule.

Join us on the discord--> .

Hope to see you there! (=w=)
nice server always someone to play with
Woot! Hosting yet another Overwatch Free For All tournament on March 24th at 7:30pm UTC for EU servers if you'll like to check us out!

Join us on the discord for some good times and a laugh :) -->
Added some updates to our info. Feel free to DM me about any questions at BitterSweet#2638 on Discord!
Making a new podcast and grinding our way to Legendary on Retribution! Feel free to join in :D
We will be hosting an Overwatch tournament for NA/Oceania servers on April 21st at 8pm EDT. More information is on the discord -->
Great server, overall friendly community and open to going for a few rounds of anything.
I joined the server last year and have found nothing but a positive and helpful community.

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