PS4 Plat climb

Looking for Players - Console
I am a flex player with a 2600 sr. I have mains, Such as Tracer, Hanzo, Lucio, Moira, but can pick up anyone. I do suggest having a mic and being able to practice before we hop straight into competitive since we do need a synergy.
im a flex player i can play Junkrat roadhog soldier and mccree. Ive been in plat this season i dropped yesterday due to people who dont know what a mic is or doesnt talk. im now at 2430 looking for someone to get back

PSN HypershadowXV
Level 62 I think about 2350 but I started out on computer and know what I am doing. Reaper main and usually spend 60-70% of the game on fire if I get healed every now and then but can road hog, mcree and others, but mostly like playing Reaper.

PSN ImGreeningOut
Hey, I’d be interested in adding you guys for some solid comp players, the people I normally play with aren’t on all that often so I’m just really looking for people who can coordinate flex and synergize. I’m currently at 2396 coming up on platinum here soon, I can play characters in every role. But I prefer tank or dps :)

hey, i'm 2746 and can play good mccree, soldier, genji, zenyatta, all tanks. would not mind climbing with your team (:

PSN - PyroKing9655

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