Suspended because of server problems

Technical Support
I just got removed from a game, along with everyone else in the game, and got a message saying "server closed due to an unexpected error" I couldn't log back in for a few minutes, or rejoin the match, and when I got back into the main menu I was suspended for half an hour and lost 50sr,because the server closed. I also experienced server problems a couple of weeks ago, along with everyone else on the ps4 Eu servers. I am now down 200sr in total this season, because of server issues. I think this is ridiculous, blizzard should be able to refund Sr lost because of server issues or bugs.
This forum is for technical support issues, we do not decide or comment on any potential compensations for issues. If you want to discuss that matter then I would advise using the General Discussion Forum.

If you are here looking for updates on the ongoing issue then you can view this thread or follow our updates on Twitter.

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