Overwatch low FPS on great hardware possible fix.

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Hello and welcome to the post that might save your life if you haven't found any help yet.

4 days ago I contacted a GM in the support section via live chat by the name of Peromack. He was a really nice fellow, but he did not manage to help me out with my issue. Ever since the uprising update or about when Oasis came out as a map, I have been suffering low FPS. Give or take a month or two. What I did not know was that Blizzard silently updated their server tickrate from 20 to 64 and that introduced a whole new dimension to possible bottlenecks - RAM. And more specifically, RAM speed.

My current hardware is:
i7 4790k @4.7Ghz all cores
Asus Strix GTX 1080 on OC mode from the asus software.
DDR3 Corsair Vengeance 2400Mhz dual-channel RAM
Running the game from an SSD

My issue was there while I was using my previous RAM. So previously I was using 8GB of DDR3 1600Mhz single channel RAM combined with 2x2gb 1600mhz dual-channel hyperx RAM. With this setup, I was getting FPS drops to 110 in team fights in quick play on a GTX 1080 on LOW settins. That was completely unacceptable knowing that I play on a grandmaster level. I stopped playing for a whole season because of the issues because I simply could not take it anymore.

So to confirm, I went from almost constant 110-120 fps in team fights on low settings to solid and constant 300 fps in team fights by just changing my RAM from 1600mhz to 2400mhz dual channel.

I just contacted another support GM by the name of Vorkinash just to let him/her know of the issue so that whenever someone else has it, they would be able to provide some assistance, not just tell me I have to run a benchmark and not let me know even the possible thing that could cause the issue. They were extremely nice and advised me to make this post. Below I'm going to have some screenshots of before and after including some benchmarks. The first benchmark you will see in the text document is everything on low on DDR3 1600mhz single channel ram and the second one is the game on the ultra preset with the new 2400mhz dual channel RAM, you can be the judge for yourself.


1600mhz ram - low settings:

2400Mhz RAM - low settings:

How can you determine if you have the same issue?

I basically knew that my CPU and GPU could NEVER be a bottleneck on these settings. What I did notice was that while my CPU was being utalized pretty nicely, my GPU would REFUSE by ANY circumstances to go above 40% usage, hence why when we jump into a teamfight the FPS falls down to 110 while the GPU is not even trying, cause the game doesn't let it.

I really, really wish this post can be helpful to as many people as it can and that the devs notice this and spread some awareness, because it took me WAY too long to find this out and I wish I knew about it sooner since it did cause me to upgrade my GPU to a 1080 (not that I wasn't going to do it anyway, it just helped out.)
this is 100% a working fix. i just made a giant post as well, my 4670k and ddr3 2400 is finally pushing 240+ frames always vs my old 1600 ram

also, i just overclocked my 2400 to 2666 and saw even MORE fps gains
This shouldn't technically be possible. Haswell architecture doesn't benefit from SDRAM frequency in this scale alike AMD with a discrete high end GPU installed.

Perhaps a dev should verify.
Thank you for making this post Elysion.

15/05/2018 08:00Posted by Gouca
Perhaps a dev should verify.

It will have been noted and passed on.

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