What have been your worst ults?

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One time a Tracer followed me to where I put up my TP and then pulse bombed it when I walked away. Had no idea she was watching me the whole time...
03/01/2018 11:56Posted by Dornan
I managed once to waste my ult as Ana...
I died right when I wanted to just throw nano at Roadhog. Ana did not manage to make single ult noise, Road was not nanoed and my charge was wasted
Happened to anyone else? Didn't know it was even possible

I got sleep darted by enemy ana after i clicked my ult to nanoboost roadhog. He didn't get it and my ult was gone. It does happen lol
03/01/2018 02:22Posted by Naga
Zen. I ulted because there was heavy damage. I got booped to my death.


Also when you're in such a panic state while playing competetive that you miss click W and ulting right in front of spawn...
Or when you're ulting as Junkrat or Soldier and your team manages to kill EVERYONE and you're just like "Ok... I guess I wasted my ult then"
But the worst I had was on Illios map with that well - I was playing Soldier and Ana nanoboosted me, so I ulted just to be booped to this well by a Lucio :(
Leaping in, getting booped off map by Lucio, activating primal rage for leap reset but crossing the out of bounds line in the process.

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