Pro Players Banned From Arcade?

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Now before you start saying to me, that I have a dumb subject, just hear me out. Arcade was meant to be fun right? But, it's not so fun when a pro enemy team, players of high skill set, faces a team that have average or below skill set.

Arcade is not so fun, with all the enemy players always being comp tryhards, who are ruining the fun and spirit of Arcade. When facing against a pro team with a not so pro team, it feels like I'm playing just about any other mode.

Why not, have a level limit cap where you are allowed to play arcade, and after players have past it, they could receive 3 loot boxes and be banned from Arcade. That way, players still get their boxes, and the other players trying to have fun in arcade, wouldn't have to worry about running into professional players, who ruin fun for everyone.
Or they could just fix their !@#$ty QP/Arcade matchmaking. I've seriously seen a silver and a GM in the same QP game before so whatever system it's using is clearly flawed.

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