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Looking for Players - Console
We have new members joining weekly, join now to get to know our members and have some fun.
Tired of Solo Queueing? Or getting those 3-4 auto lock DPS players with a torb and symmetra? Join Shockwave Gaming and get in a stack with at least another few players and win some games.
We have people of all skill levels and ranks to group up and play, also people to help improve people’s gameplay.
Need a Mercy/Moira player?? Im mid-plat currently.
05/04/2018 09:16Posted by Cricket
Need a Mercy/Moira player?? Im mid-plat currently.

We are always looking for players so we can have people on at all times.
We are still looking for comp players that would like to play and have fun.
Join now to join a squad and reach the next SR tier
We are still looking to get a solid squad for weekend sessions to reach diamond and even further.
We had 4 new members this weekend and we are now at 50 members! Half way to our goal for 2018. Join now and experience this great community.
Hey I play alot of overwatch and am a good flex player I play at a mid diamond skill rating I assume because on main account around 2700 I usually outperform my teammates but am forced to fill because everyone in plat is a dps main. Also because I made a Smurf and placed 3500 so o assumed right in the middle is were I am but I just can't climb. So basically I'm just looking for a reliable group of players to group with and climb. Would love to join if ur still accepting.
Also I am 16 if there are any age req
We do not have an age requirement but a maturity requirement. And we are looking to climb as well, post an application and we can get started.
Apply to join one of the most rapid growing communities on Xbox
now i am at a mid gold standard.
trying to get back to diamond before the season ends. I'm a flex player
Guys if you would like to join, post an application on our site and I will contact you once I see it. We usually play at least a few days a week plus weekends.
We are growing rapidly and are giving people chances to grow and be better. Join now
how do I join
I have two accounts top 500 and one in mid masters

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