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Ok, so I made one of these posts a few months ago, but i was pretty new to the game and was still playing mostly quickplay and hadn't really settled on any characters. I got a good response and had a few games with some good people, but nothing that progressed onto doing ranked games.

So here i am again, the lure of better teamplay and golden weapons has become too much. I've whittled my selection down to Zenyatta, Roadhog, Mei and Soldier 76 for ranked, although i can flex to others if asked (zero ego here!).

The only thing i ask is that it's kept light-hearted, fun and you have a mature outlook. Life is too short for raging at pixels and tilting never helps.

I'm in low gold, but hoping to climb higher with a bit more organisation. PSN: Obo-kenobi
24/01/2018 16:11Posted by SuperNinja
The only thing i ask is that it's kept light-hearted, fun and you have a mature outlook. Life is too short for raging at pixels and tilting never helps.

Pretty much my same sentiment.

I've never been much for FPS games, but my best bro got me into this. I've basically only solo-queued against AI except for a few recent times when I joined my friend in quick play. I would like to do more quick play and even competitive (though I have no delusions of grandeur).

Alas, taking my gameplay to the next level requires being able to coordinate with my teammates. That means group chat--and I lack the patience to listen to people trash their teammates and just generally rage over a videogame (which I've heard and read is an issue with the community).

I have a lot to learn (especially maps and team/map optimizations), but learning and growing my skills--and helping my teammates do the same--is my favorite part of gaming.

My current main is Orisa followed by Moira. I've played a lot with Reinhardt and am comfortable with him. I'll hop on Bastion as needed and can add value to the team when playing him. Still exploring other characters (esp. Zenyata) and am willing to switch as needed.

PSN ID: Zanfidion
BattleTag: Zanfidion1403 (though it always appears as simply "Zanfidion" in games).
Cool, i'll add you. Skill isn't the most important thing to me as that'll come in time.

I should probably add to those interested in contacting me that i'm a bit of an oldie (30s) so would prefer to play with those in their late 20s at least. UK based here.
I'm in CST (Central Standard Time: GMT -6:00).
Hey, I'm high gold dps/tank main
Hey, I'm currently in gold I'm a flex player and in the EU time. Also looking for a team to play comp with and have fun. If you're still looking for players add me my PSN ID: WPWET
scratching on Gold (difficult solo queuing) - Mercy, Reinhardt, Hanzo Main
Hi, add me my psn biade1402. Be happy to play.
Hey Super Ninja

have a need for social interaction and Team work in my video games. I'll add you and anyone of this forum.

ID: gavinpaper
I am also looking for a competitive group in Gold to play with that isn't too toxic and are fun to play with!! I live in the UK though so keep this in mind.
My PSN is Alenatachibana53 thanks.
UK based here (Well...Edinburgh if that still counts 0:-) )...
I'm 32, usually play support (Mercy) but can go Zenyatta, Soldier, Bastion, Torbjorn, Ana, Symmetra & Moira.
I do not take this game seriously at all (Though I don't go out my way to lose, lol), and would love to hook up with like-minded dudes who just wanna enjoy the game and have some sort of enjoyment whilst trying to win together in this...*ahem* based game.

I do work full-time (nightshift add to that joy) but can get on most mornings upto around 6am to 2pm and then my days off (Wed-Thur).

If your interested u can hit me up :)

Happy Gaming!

Edit: Or you can just look at my profile which has all my shame on show :D if still interested :P
I'm low gold right now so i'd play. My only requirement is I'd like people to have mics and be open to listening to team advice. Mostly just simple stuff like tanks upfront dps right behind and support at the rear.
hey julia here. I'm mid gold now but i was plat. a lot of my friends with whom i played a lot of competitive quit overwatch. I'm a flex player but usually i play dps and healer. Add me :-) and im 29 :-)
Region: Germany
psn: jcs88529
I used to play a lot on Xbox, I recently got the game on PS4 so my level is pretty low atm but I’ve got back into the game and seem to be doing really well, just need a team to play with so we can talk strategy and be able to chat while playing. PSN:LMD97
Hey also looking to group up when I'm playing competitive (and hopefully get better quality games/avoid throwers!). I enjoy flexing and happy to play most heroes, particularly enjoy tank and support. I'm in my mid twenties and from the UK. I don't play loads (either due to work or fancying something else!) but usually get at least a couple of hours in a week.
Feel free to add me.
PSN: TheHairyAvenger
Anyone here can feel free to add me, my rank is around 2,700 right now, was 2,800 but dropped a bit since I’ve been playing solo... wouldn’t mind playing with a nice group of people :)
My PSN is izzy_killed_u
Hey I’m looking for a positive group of people to play with and chill with, I’m not into comp that much but I do play Comp from time to time but mostly quick play cuz I wanna get better with my mains.

I main tracer, junkrat, Lucio and soldier 76 and can flex tanks

My PSN is Kaito0sama
P.s ( that’s a zero^ in the middle )
Hey SuperNinja

I'm in the same boat, over 30 looking to climb the ladder, but having fun is the main aim. I'm based in the UK, on most nights normally from around 10pm GMT, feel free to add me if you want to join up for some games - PSN: CaedoOmnis

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