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Hey! I'm currently in silver and have been trying to climb as well. I'm looking for people to play with that aren't toxic and want to have fun while climbing the ladder too. I usually play Moira, Sombra, Tracer,, and Mercy. But I have been playing a lot of others and have been expanding on what I play. My PSN is kittenncannon666 if you're interested.
Is a high silver acceptable to you if yes I‘m a tank main that can play support and if needed dps (i don‘t like tobplay them)
My PSN:Hatgamer333
Hey im a gold player im flex so i can play anything if you want to play you can add me arui43 im avelibale mostly on the weekends
I was low gold, currently sitting at high silver, would like to get back to where I was before a string of unfortunate losses. The fun is falling out of playing and I really want to get that back too! Mostly interested in gaming for fun with nice people, even better if playing comp!

I mostly play Orisa, Junkrat, Sombra and Lucio. But I can jump into anything to fill a team. I'm addicted to Mystery Heroes as well :). UK based, I play mostly in the evenings and on weekends. AlkalineQuinn on PSN, feel free to add me.
Hi All, I run a reasonably successful discord with around 40 members ranging from bronze to GM.
There are 2 T500 coaches who can give you constructive feedback on your competitive games and we run some fun events too

If you're interested my original thread is here

Post me you DISCORD username and I'll get you in the server. I can't add you to t with just your PSN. Hopefully see some of you there :)
Always happy to play, normally online after work during the week and on weekends. From UK.

Psn - Jadelesley137
Hi, add me and ill be down to play competitive. High silver atm but i am sure i can reach gold easily with a group.

GMT +1 timezone (from the netherlands, 26 years old)

Psn: FlowsRTG
Add me, PSN: somuchnotes. EST, I can play most days. I use Soldier, but I can play at least two characters from each role/class.

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