Looking for a small group or team to hone my gamesense

Looking for Players - Console
Hi. I'm looking for a small group or a team to practice and hone my gamesense. I made it to to the mid ranks with aim and positioning alone on my main... But i have to admit, i could improve my gamesense.

Pretty hard to explain, but i guess i get tunnel vision sometimes, and not having priorities. Resulting in everything from our healers to die or a low hp target to escape while i was dueling another enemy. Getting flanked WHILE flanking!

I really want these things to become second nature.

I don't need a high tier group for this kind of improvement, since we would be playing on my practice account. So even if you are around Gold yet communicating, i would happily join. I use mic in a regular comp match, but would like to just focus on your callouts for a start.

Feel free to PM me here or on PSN: DuelAtNoon

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