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Looking for Players - Console
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PSN: Airrifle4894
Discord: Gargarensism#8356
Role: I can play all healers. I can flex to tank if need be. I can also play DPS but I prefer to let others take that role.
Rank: I was mid gold earlier today, but I've had a streak of bad luck so I'm now in low gold.
Discord: SuicideStreet#6978
Rank: Gold
I main Mercy and Roadhog mainly.
Lucio player looking to have fun and make friends. Also eager to learn, and improve all around.
PSN: Flip33
Discord: BeanBandit33#5248
Role: Support
Rank: Silver
Psn: juizeh
Discord: juizeh #8726
Role: flex (sombra main)
Rank: gold
PSN: Lilzulli
Discord: Lilzulli#4762
Rank: Gold
Role: Support/tank, will play most heroes
Discord: thebigzucc#4758
PSN: nervegrinder
I main junkrat & Lucio and a few others looking I’m pretty flexible on game modes just want to have fun
Discord: Holden
psn: danilavoie
I main Tracer and Genji. I just need a team so I can win season 10
I'm Gold

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