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All added on discord
Low masters
Widow, hanzo, mccree, tracer, genji, pharah, bastion doomfist

Another person: donkere-duivel
Low masters
Reindhart hog
Hi all I’m trying to get an organized squad for some comp play!
Discord: asasrnation3283
I can play everything really, best characters thou are probably junk, Moira, and rein.
I main Reaper and sometimes Widow Maker. My discord is VeteranFire#3915
PSN is Bulletz4Appettite
If the team needs a tank I can play Reinhardt and if it needs a healer(not so good at being one) Anna
Discord ID:Genjo Hanji#5402
Currently 2388 , best was 2480.
Good with Roadhog and Reinhardt(specific map).
Good with Mercy and Zenyatta as healer.
What I look for is a player from Romania or just a good healer since I mostly pick tanks only.
Discord: LEE-T-LEE#1551
SR: 4302, high 4398
I main mercy and moira, but can play any other support at the same level (GM).
I also have a smurf account I can play on that is in mid masters, I think it's 3630?
I also flex onto any hero there.
Ps ID: acalde02
I dont have discord
PSN: lawki1
Discord: Deku#9786
Ps4 julian260104
Main roll tank
Discord Julianklep
[quote="176165793117"]Ps4 julian260104
Main roll tank
Discord julianklep#5857
Top peak 3200
Sr 2900
Psn: ClockworkAlien
Discord: ClockworkAlien#5126
SR: 1500 high:1900
Like D.Va, bastion, mercy. Trying to figure out Lucio, soldier76, Winston
Hi! my discord is marez-2#7544
PSN: CaedoOmnis
Discord: CaedoOmnis#2173
Based: UK
Heroes: Generally D.VA or Moira, but happy to Flex to whatever is required.
SR: 1723
PSN: TexizoroDoesIt
Discord: KazikoSan#5853
I play Sombra, Ana, Mei, and Tracer
Career High: 3501
Season High: 3356
Current SR: 3334
Heroes - D.Va and Zenyatta mainly but will flex
Current SR - 2722
Career High - 2950
Add me to the forum pls! Discord is OmaeWaMoeShindeiru #0555 psn is swagneya my my peak was 3476 im at high plat low diamond rn. I play zen ana moira zarya soldier genji hanzo pharah mccree and somewhat tracer :)
I'd appreciate if I could get in on this too. I'm from the UK, ranked in diamond playing mainly Lucio, but I would prefer to play as more than just support if at all possible.

Psn: MikeyH1202
Discord: SilentStrix#5918
Everyone who has given me a valid discord has received a connection request. Add me and I will send you a link to the server

For anybody who hasn't received an add, please add Tix#0727
I must have messed up my discord I just sent a friend request to Tix#0727 now!
My discord is aSASRnation#3283 didn’t realize capitalization mattered if I could get an invite that be amazing!

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