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Discord: FantasyHazard#8906
PS4 player
Role: Tank(Orisa/Zarya/Winston) and healer (not inc. Symmetra)
2730 (3040 season high)
Hey what's going on, can I join up?
PSN: somuchnotes
Discord: fnamazinn #8269

I usually main either S-76 or Bastion, but I can use Moira, Sombra, Mei, Orisa, or Ana.
Ps4 Pcahuna
Discord Pcahuna
Add me please!

Oh and im a healer main...mainly moira. Sitting at 3800sr but would love to improve my other healer capabilities
14/04/2018 04:42Posted by Pcahuna
Ps4 Pcahuna
Discord Pcahuna
Add me please!

Oh and im a healer main...mainly moira. Sitting at 3800sr but would love to improve my other healer capabilities

What's your full discord buddy? need the #xxxx to add you. Or add Tix#0727 and we will get you in there :)
PSN:Magic_Potato618 Discord: Potato#2525
Im an ex GM support main I decayed after i stopped playing for a bit and now im back.
PSN: lorfofthegrape
Discord: Lorf#9224
Mid diamond player, healer main/flex
PSN: Razor101x
SR: In the 3500 area
Role: I am a flex player, but my best role is Support.
Discord Name: BryanRazor#1358
PSN - FlashyDCT

HEROS - most dps, Moira, orisa, winston (learning all of them eventually so I can efficiently flex)

SR (first season) - Gold (season high was 2466)
PSN: Poworcat
Discord: papernote#2596
Role: Support-Flex
Rank: Low Gold
Looking for a coordinated six-stack with mics.
PSN: Poworcat
Discord: papernote#2596
Rank: Low Gold 2100ish
Roles: Support/Flex
I have a mic
I want to get in
PSN: robertkaski
discord: Kaskrob ps4 eu #2883
All added if you've given a valid discord. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, had IRL things to deal with

if you haven't received an invite or friend request, add Tix#0727
hi guys i recently got overwatch for ps4 and got into competitive , would love to join a good team so we can all better each other.
my psn is Tenn--Strike
Discord is Tenn--Strike#2029
Im currently in 1752 :( not good i know but i promise if you give me a chance i can prove im worth a higher rank.
I usually main but i also play roadhog mccree soldier rein

thank you
I want in to Psn:coolflame6246 Discord:coolflame6246
Would love to join too!
PSN - CaseOfSpade
Discord - CaseOfSpade#6374

SR currently around 2100 but want to push to at least platinum before end of season. Main healer (Mercy, Moira, Zen), and can play tank (Winston,Orisa, Hog, Rein). I'm 24!
PSN: Its_Franchise
Discord: Franchise#1225
Current SR around 2100 but gotten as high as 2700 on another account.
Flex healer: Mainly Zen/Ana/Moira.
Willing to fill though. I've been practicing my main tanking.
PSN: michaelpaul1991
Discord: deathblossom123#1520
SR is 2495
I main Reaper, Soldier 76 and also Roadhog to make sure we have enough tanks. Junkrat too. Play Lucio and Zen for heals. Usually adaptable depending on what team balance is needed
Hello, I have been playing overwatch since the game first came out but I am stuck on my this account constantly. I would love to join a good team that can help get better.
Discord: K0r3a#3327
Sr is 3197 so low diamond
Alt account(I never play on this account)
Role:Flex Support (I can play mostly all supports and a bit of the other classes, but best at support)
Thank you very much
PSN: SnowFleurz
Discord: Gabbe#3909
SR: ~2700
Main: Bastion/Tank
Psn apestaromus
Discord farotto#5993
Heroes all suport soldier genji
Sr 1678

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