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Looking for Players - Console
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Psn julian260104
Discord. Julianklep #5857
Sr 2900
Main tracer and dva
PSN: MisfortuneBlade
Discord: SansaStark#8575
Sr: Peaked around 2400 ish
Flex player but gravitate towards support and Dva, tracer Mei
Looking to improve my technique and climb
Psn: BruceWaynex420
PSN: mirageblader1990
Discord: Mana#2326
SR was 2066 i think...
Playing Off-Tank/Support
Looking for people to push into 2500+ SR next season.
Hi! I was part of some overwatch discords before but I think I left them when I stopped playing - but I'm hoping to play again with friends now I have a mic.

I'm mostly a Dva main, but can play Ana and Brigitte quite well I think? And Zarya for comp. My highest comp level was 2919.

My discord : crydamourewaves #9586
Psn: deboussoler22
Hello! I'm i gold (2200sr) and I play support ( except zenyatta lol), pharah, orisa and I'm practicing widow.
My discord is Riv #6931, and my psn is marcinmacuga
PSN: BraveSilver1
Discord: minmin the emo#6719
I’m a support main playing ana/zen while also playing Sombra/Winston
My sr is around 2200
Discord: CalamityFlair #6285
PSN Simisage7190
Bronze rank
Support main
looking for a team to climb out of bronze
Discord: Ctillet#7755
PSN: Ctillet
Currently 3113 SR
I usually flex tank and heals but i can play any role
Hello, looking to learn from the more experienced players. Currently in gold and trying to rank up.
Discord: HumonguousIguana#9006
PSN: HumonguousIguana
Add my account Danish150#2895
02/05/2018 08:47Posted by Scarred
Add my account Danish150#2895

My SR is 3400
PSN: notmetho1
Discord: notmetho2#8457
Last season peaked and finished at 2740
Role: support but I can flex
Lokking for people to play ranked with
PSN: MVinnyBoy
Don't really main someone, just not really a support player.
and not competitive... But looking for a casual game to play with some people.
Hola! I'd love to join up, too!
PSN: Shadowlotus10
Discord: Shadowlotus10#6358
S9: 1620-1900-ish, so silver, would like to climb
Main: Moira (but working on my Lucio, Orisa, and Zenyatta)
PSN: RedeyedKurapika
Discord: evee#2690
SR: 1442 (Season 9 was 1502)
Main: Flex between Junkrat and D.Va but I can play any support character if needed (except Symm)
Looking for casual competitive group to climb out of bronze with!
Hey I’m interested in competitive play, had a horrible last 2 season due to internet issues. Got new internet with NO issues so trying to get back to atleast where I’m used to playing which is platinum ranked.
current rank is silver...
Discord : AlphaCloud #6324
PSN: AlphaWolfCloud
I can play many characters but main Symetra, Hanzo, Winston,Moira, Junkrat, and Doomfist

Looking forward to player by with some like minded people who want to go up in the ranks :)
If you haven't received and invite from me yet, it's because your discord tag comes up as invalid. Instead of people being disappointed with a lack of reply, can people please just add me instead on Tix#0727 and let me know you've seen this thread and I'll sort you out

Server is running really strong atm, we have 50+ members and I'm currently setting up a 4 team internal league where people can practice competitive gaming without the toxicity of randomers or the stress of SR battles. Hoping it'll help develop teams and friendships that people can take into competitive and be a little more comfortable

Also thinking of running some fun custom games soon as well. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

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