Me and my gf need proper players

Looking for Players - Console
Me and my gf play overwatch nearly every week night (PS4). But we are sick of useless players who don’t work as a team and we are looking to try and fimd a group of players who are actually decent at the game and work as a team it’s so frustrating
I am in the same boat, I'm sick of a mei blocking our team! And not co-ordinating ults!
Yes mei’s Ice wall really gets on my nerves
Literally feeling the same way the past week. What's your console and tag/ rank I got alts on lots of ranks. Tank main, and I have a really good group of support main friends :D
We are on PS4
I’m 101
Season 8 I finished 2426
I haven’t even started season 9 because I want a proper team before I go diving in
What's the psn?
I’m a GM ps4 DPS main with multiple smurfs I can help if you want add I_NEED_HEAL_ING
Would love to play sometime, have a terrible time trying to solo in comp. My wife is also getting into the game. Feel free to ad both of us. Me-MidniteMunchy1 Wife-DancyParrot18. Cheers

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