Casual group for laughs

Looking for Players - PC

We're a group of 4-5 looking for 1 or 2 new people to join us! We mostly play quick play but are looking to get into competitive once we get a stable group together.

Please be aware that we're not a hardcore group, we play to have fun and laugh.

If this seems fitting to you then don't hesitate to add me! Pretty much online every evening.

is the level a problem?
09/03/2018 15:05Posted by Godslayer118
is the level a problem?

No not at all, were a mixture of experienced and new players
hey man am on most nights,
and new to pc i would love to play with you guys am at lv 70 now played some rated but got my !@#$ whopped
hey mate , me and my friend play in every evening and night , EU server , we mostly play qp sometime comp , and we Love memes and jokes but not too much about personal jokes , looking for some new friends for relaxed games , am i in the right place :")) ?
Please add me, both :)
Still looking for some people to join us! feel free to join our discord server.
Currently sitting at 17 people - we're a very friendly bunch still looking for some people who might be new to the game or just fancy a group they can play quick play/competitive with.

Comp ranking vary gold up to diamond, pretty much someone online throughout most of the day with peak activity in the evenings.

Join us whenever, we look forward to meeting new people.
hey! which server do you guys play on?

We're slowly turning into a small community and are still looking to expand.
Feel free to join our discord and check it out!
Looking for the same ... add me please
We've currently grown to a total of 37 members and are still offering lone players or small groups both experienced as well as inexperienced a place to hang out in.

Please note we keep getting connections from people outside Europe - all of us are playing in European servers and therefor cannot group with those on NA.
Got some new spaces for active players looking for a social community!
added you!

bump, still accepting more people!

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