Got "Failed to connect to server" twice in 3 play attempts

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If it helps I'll describe the issue in detail.. I'm queuing with a friend and while he goes in I stay in the menu but "game search" disappears and the "play" button changes for "rejoin match" but no matters how many times I push it I get again the message "Failed to connect to server" in the chat window, after a bit the button goes back to play but I am penalized in SR and suspended (first for 10 min, now for 30).

I got something similar in season 4, only difference is that back then I reached the team summary screen where you see 2 columns with the red and blue team. Back then support was not useful at all to solve it and it kept happening no matter if I tried all they told me till I got banned from the season which is really unfair cause those issues I'm still sure were not on my side so If I have to go again through that I will simply quit.

To confirm that the issues were not on my side, after the season ban I was able to play happily till minutes ago in which I got this error twice in the span of 3 attempts. This issues should not happen at this point.
Hello Andrenaline,

At the moment we have no knowledge of server issues that cause disconnections or issues when connecting to games. This kind of issue can be caused by several different reasons, so it's important to troubleshoot first so we can discard the most common ones.

Please, check this article and make sure you follow all the instructions, including the advanced steps:

If the issue persists, please provide us with the following information so we can investigate:

- Details of issue:
- Date/time it started:
- City/Country:
- Internet Provider:
- Traceroute (right after a disconnection or whenever you're experiencing the issue)
- Pathping (right after a disconnection or whenever you're experiencing the issue)
- WinMTR (right after a disconnection or whenever you're experiencing the issue)

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