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Sombra is balanced right now other than her !@#$ing hack time, it is ridiculously fast and doesn't make any since. Even as a Tracer main I somehow am getting hacked and it almost feels instantly. Anyone else agree?
It's been a nightmare as a lucio main
Her hack time was reduced from 0.8 to 0.65

It's literally 0.15 seconds difference - less than a quarter of a second.
Sometimes being 0.15 seconds faster is all you need...
03/03/2018 01:58Posted by Genji
Sometimes being 0.15 seconds faster is all you need...

Sometimes, maybe. But then everyone is forgetting the trade-off to her buffs. As I said in another thread, in this case, is Sombra losing the ability to gain ult charge from hacked health packs. We're literally getting a 0.15 second gain for an ability for up to a couple of minutes for each ult. People are getting so salty over Sombra because she's finally starting to get picked and used, which is what the game actually needs - variety. But no, people never want to adapt and instead complain and call for nerfs until it happens.
If I was a Tracer main I'd probably complain about Sombra too tbh, considering she's a hard counter and all. It's like Widows calling Winston OP.
!@#$ no tracer has a hard counter now? It is like me a zenyatta complaining about tracer. Hey tracer kills me as fast as sombra hack...
03/03/2018 01:20Posted by Socialism
It's been a nightmare as a lucio main

it's been a nightmare as a zen main
Anything under 1.2 seconds for hack time is joke to me but I really wonder one thing; shouldn't Sombra be a close ranged hero? I mean, she can easily get picks from mid range now.
getting as much hacks as before... L2P scrubs
The hack is not a problem and not many players are good with sombra, first you need good tracking and good positioning and communication, if you don't have that then sombra is useless most of the time. it's not the end of the world ffs
I cant seem to deal with her as a winston main this season, Is it my fault? I try to keep her away from my team, but have you seen the range on the hack? its pretty far, and really fast. Every time I get her low with my tesla cannon, she just trans-locates away, comes back, hacks me so I can't put up my shield or use primal to survive, than finishes me off, Is it my playstyle? my hero pick? or just a skill based thing? If so, How do I play against it?

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