Platinum/diamond comp

Looking for Players - Console
I'm a high plat around 2800 currently and I'm confident I can get diamond this season, I play mercy moira mostly right now but can flex to whatever the team will need, looking for dps/tank/flex players to play with,
2600sr at least
3100sr at most
Must be EU(english)
Must have a mic
My psn is c-wilson-1999 message me if you meet these requirements and are serious about ranking up
No friend requests, a message please, if you meet my requirements I will send friend request your way
Hi im low plat on my main and high plat on my alt, i play all tanks besifes zarya and all healers besides mercy, i can play dps but not in a few seasons. I understand my main is just below your requirements but thought id say to you regardless. SMHanleyx is my psn if interested.

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