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Looking for Players - PC
We "Synergy" are trying to form a team of consistent players that are willing to invest some free time to practice together, gain synergy, get into the tournament environment and push some rating on the ladder.

What you need:
- The will to improve yourself and take constructive criticism.
- The ability to not tilt even though we lose 1 or 2 games.
- The ability to talk about the games we lost/won and improve on that.
- Continuous practice as a team, in either custom games or other games.
- At least a career high of 3500, the higher the better.
- A working microphone and the will to use it.
- Fun, dedication and non-toxicity, because without that no one’s going to enjoy themselves and we are not going to improve.

What our “goals and rules” are:
- Creating a tournament capable team that will play in the "Open Division" and later on "Contenders".
- Having a 0 tolerance attitude towards toxicity. As a member of team you will get warnings, as trial a straight up remove.
- Being able to push GM+ with our team.
- We want to improve and play together! Take tips like a man and try your utmost to get better, don’t solely blame others for a loss! We win as a team and lose as a team.
- Don’t “care” about SR nor scrims see a loss as something we can improve on because I rather lose in Comp/Scrims and rock in tournaments.
- To have some fun together and build friendships, because those are the basics of every good team.

Our current practice days would be Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 19:00 CET. For further information add Thoec#21403, thank you for taking your time and have a great day!

EDIT: Looking for a off tank and a support to fill up our roster!
/push, still looking for dps and tanks :)
/push looking for a projectile/flex dps main with genji knowledge!
/push still
Sounds very interesting to me as Im looking for a team dedicated to esports. I am a genji main and take playing him 100% serious.
Im investing roughly 3-4hours plus almost every day of a week with little to no breaks.
I Played around 100hours of scrims from season 6-7 and peaked somewhere around 3.2k but I basically quit comp because of the random teams you get and people refusing to switch even though they've been severly countered.
While my SR didnt peak as high as you would like Im certain that I can live up to your expectations.
The practice time is 100% fine with me but I would prefer to play more once it gets really serious.
Living in germany and if you dont have a problem with accents I can easily talk english aswell :D
Don't really know what else to tell so if you are looking for a dedicated genji main: Im your boy.
I can also flex at a decent lvl but its not comparable to my genji
If you are interested hit me up and let me know. Cheers.
Ps. Grammar or word errors are totally intended
My name is Rekkardin I'm 17 years old and from Germany. I would like to play for your team as a projectile DPS. My main role is main tank, but I currently enjoy playing DPS more. As a Tank player I am currently 4300SR and my DPS account is 3700SR with mainly Genji with a ~60% win rate.

My Strengths:
- a lot of knowledge about the game due to high interest in the pro scene
- large champion pool of almost every DPS and Tank Hero in the game
- participating in communication and the ability to shot call
and all the requirement you mentioned in the post

My Weaknesses:
- a lot of mechanical mistakes
- tend to choke in some situations
I believe I can fix those mistakes if I just play a little more DPS

I would be glad to hear from you even if the main roster is full you could invite me to tryouts and maybe run a 7 man roster or I could try to help as some kind of coach even though I have no experience in it. I really want to get some team experience.

Your sincerely - Rekkardin

My accounts to check stats:
DPS: BananaJuice#21587
Tank: TayTay#21435
/push still looking for players
sorry what do you mean by push?

anyway. If you still need a main tank a feel free to add me - ive got the time. Very vocal player.

Career high 3465 however gonna get that higher within the week.

BN:FlickFlack#21934 (EU)
SR career on main 3567.
SR career on alt 3338.
SR current on alt 3003.

Zarya tank player. Off-zenyatta.

TheDark#21905 (EU)
Hi I'm a tank player I play every tank except for orisa( trying to learn) I have a rank of about 2400 I know its lower than you asked for but I am willing to learn and want to get better I take criticism and I hardly tilt I want to become a better player and get a team that will help push me to do my best if you are interested please let me know
/push still
Hello! Im interested in joining your team:
-Carrier high: 3700 Currently: 3200
-Im mostly playing Junkrat, Zenyatta and Dva so I think I am the player you are searching for
-Im playing since season 4 and gained a lot of expirience
-also looking to approve and have fun
oh and i have a working mic too xD
-Carrier high, 3400
-Main-Tank and healer
-very communaicative
-good game sence
-looking to improve a lot and for a cool team!!

i would be so glad to meet you guys! im a dps player around 3.3k my best played dps are genji, tracer and mccree, soldier. i'm also training with widowmaker but i need a bit more practice until i get her into comp. anyway im trying to expand my dps heropool as much as i can.i can play almost any dps decent. ( need more training on widow, doomfist and sombra). im really lookin forward to get a team to rank up with and go to tournaments since i decided i wanna go pro and i am investing a lot of time into it besides doing 60 to 90 minutes of aim training everyday. I'm 20 and my name is Raul ^^ | battle tag: Tebubui#2980 | discord Tebubui#7387 |
looking to play dps on an organised team, Add me if you're still accepting.
/push still looking for a off tank and a support to fill up our roster!

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