When i launch the game it crashes immediately

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I've already reinstalled Overwatch once and i'd like to avoid reinstalling again. When i check the logs, all it says is this:

[6444] [NRM] [Game] [External(0)] [External()] [2018-03-03T23:01:43.291Z]: #= VoiceClient: ============================Startup============================
[6444] [NRM] [Game] [External(0)] [External()] [2018-03-03T23:01:43.293Z]: #= VoiceClient: State -> INITIALISED

i'm stumped an very annoyed, since the reason i reinstalled was this same problem.
I've got the exact same issue. All I did was restart my laptop and OW went from working fine with zero issues to crashing on startup. I attempted repair and reinstall. Reinstalled my video drivers. Still no change.

MSI GE72VR 6RF Apache Pro
Windows 10 64 bit
i7-6700HQ 2.60 GHZ
GTX 1060
for many others, the issue is razer chroma sdk. try uninstalling that, and disabling any application that gives an in-game overlay. many people have found success with these suggestions.

if those don't work, then you're stuck the same as i have been for a month. game crashes on startup every time and nothing they have suggested works so far.

As Noodle said, the first step would be uninstalling Razer Chroma SDK if you have it on your computer.

Another steps that could help.

Make sure both your operative system and drivers are up to date:

Delete the Battle.net Cache folder:

If you're using Windows 10, make sure you deactivate Xbox DVR:

Repair the game:

Close background applications to make sure there's no other program interfering with the game:

If the issue persists, please create your DxDiag and MSInfo files:

You can paste the content of each file on a web like Pastebin and provide us with the links.

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