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Welcome to Serenity Gaming.

Serenity Gaming was created with one focus in mind...having fun.

We are a mature (18+), relaxed gaming community based within the EU.

Our aim is to provide a place for players of all ranks and gaming experience to enjoy a stress free environment.

Overwatch is one of our main primary games with teams being built and friends being made each day.

Our other games include but are not limited to. Heroes of the storm, Player unknown battlegrounds, and Fortnite.

We are currently looking for all types of players from casual to low and high competitive players.

Feel free to join us or apply on

Come laugh with us on

Watch us on

Or add us and chat to the admin's below;






See you on the battleground!

Yours faithfully,

Serenity Gaming.
Looking for members to Make a third team around gold/plat for Season 8.

Message - Reefwins#2205 or join our discord -

See Ya Soon Guys and Girls!!
02/03/2018 18:20Posted by ReefWins
for Season 8.

Didn't that ship sail? (It's season 9, isn't it?)
02/03/2018 19:07Posted by Glembo
02/03/2018 18:20Posted by ReefWins
for Season 8.

Didn't that ship sail? (It's season 9, isn't it?)

Yes, yes it is.
Literally had no idea England clan had got rid of their OW teams until I saw the post on here. So if you got room for me let me know and f not wish you all the best
I am looking for a team to play with. I started out in gold but this season I am in bronze mostly because I run solo. Looking for a group to run comp with and move up. Please reach out to me if you guys are still looking. My battle tag is fieldz#1932.

Get on discord Fields
I am on
Diamond- level 1276 healer/flex interested in some high end competitive and esports. Look me up on overbuff for stats sukinta#1409

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