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I have been playing alot of support and tanks lately because of the insta lock dps mindset people have & thats cool and all i enjoy playing tanks, moira and zen. What i dont enjoy however is getting abuse for not healing the genji who is miles away and cannot be healed. The constant spamming of i need healing when they dont makes me not want to play support at all. Just wanted to share my experiences.
It's ok to ignore the Genji players, if they want to go off out of healing range well they better hope they know where the health packs are. There are four other players on the team that need healing after all.
I get random messages of abuse commonly from players because i would rather stay with tanks and heal them as opposed to running out of position to throw healing at one player wildly out of position. Say im trash yet im doing 15k+ healing. Just tilts me tbh.
Priority is always with the team mate as well as yourself.
Thanks for the advice bud.

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