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Im all for decaying but i think its a bit too much. I think it's that you have to play a comp match once a day but my problem is that let's say you are on holidays,your pc is broken,you just moved,you have work,you are visiting family or other crap like that. I think it should be that you have to play 3 or 4 games a week or something like that because some people can't manage to play a comp match everyday. Right now i am in masters on my other account and my internet is a bit crappy so i randomly dc from time to time. So im trying to avoid playing matches so i dont lose 50 sr and get suspended but the decaying won't leave me alone. I have been pretty lucky with my internet so far in comp games but i don't want to decay to play or get suspended by dc'ing.
I obviously know why the decaying system is there but i just think it's a little too much. I would love to hear some of your opinions on it (:
Yeah, I hate decay- it seems like just a waste for Diamond and Master, it should be there for Grandmaster and Top 500 only, you see, it is only Grandmasters competing for Top 500 so why do Diamonds and Masters get punished for Inactivity when there names are far from being placed on a Top 500 Leaderboard? they really need to consider changing it in my opinion.
It's just a nuisance. Like i don't spend enough time on the game to be good enough for gm but because im above average the game insists on me playing as much as a gm player would to stay good. So i understand if they don't change it but i really hope they will.

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