Do You Hate Brigitte?

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11/05/2018 12:43Posted by LiquidHydra
Are not the synergies the problem?

Brigitte creates monsters.

Blizzard introduced a hero which can pretty much interfere
with the whole hero pool.

When she buffs up heroes whose health pool shouldnt
be messed with, it is breaking the balance. Brigitte is buffing
up heroes on the fly and you dont know what you are up

Even check this scenario. You played as McCree you knew until
now that a flashbang, headshot combo was good enough
to catch a Tracer. Now you have no idea. It can be temporary
boosted, it can be Rallied etc. Until now health pool modification
was not easy. Torb needed scraps, Sym a generator and you are
even informed about it.

First off: The armor only lasts 6 seconds before disappearing

Second off: Have you SEEN how fast 75 hit points go?
09/05/2018 03:23Posted by DarkTerra
Just delete Brig already. She counters 80% of the heroes in this game, and you don't even need skill for it. A basic combo can wipe tracer entirely and nearly kill 200hp heroes.

damage boosted brigitte can oneshot any 200hp hero
I'm not playing Overwatch until she's nerfed lol
If 1 hero counters her then she's not op?

Pharah got shot down by Mccree, soldier, widowmaker
BOOM no one can kill her anymore

Omg I hated bri so much, all my friends leave these game, because of this burrito girl
Honestly ruined the game for me. At this point it's beyond any argument that's she's busted as !@#$ and it should be obvious how "countering" her isn't exactly an option, so I'm not even gonna try to discuss it.

The worst part is the triple healer Zarya Hanzo comp that came around and how the only way to answer it is to just play the mirror at which point the game devolves into basically slapping each other around until one team gets grav+dragon.
Would have been good if Brigitte turned the meta into rock paper scissors, but that's obviously not the case, since everything just get's wrecked, no matter if it's Dive or not. At this point the game's just not fun anymore, even though I enjoy playing Zarya to an extent, just not in the spamfest that is the new triple healer deathball.

On a subjective level though it's really hard to express how frustrating it feels to just get deleted from the game after having to practice mechanics on my main characters just to be able to compete. What's the point in sinking hours into learning Tracer (and straight up practicing against bots) if I'm just gonna get slapped around a by a dude who picks Brigitte for the first time. I honestly have never before literally wanted something to just be deleted from a game (not even DK's in season six during WOTLK), so at this point I'll just stop playing until something changes.
I love this post.

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