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Are the devs looking at Anna at the minute? She just feels awful to play and she melts like butter considering she doesn’t put out much healing or damage. Perhaps some survivability for the old girl would be good? Other than wasting your nade on yourself
She needs some passive healing ability just like all the other support. Also To shoot past full health allies would be so much better and fair.
Ana is fine right now IMO (almost 130 hours Ana player) although she could use a small self healing buff,maybe a passive? Because wasting a made on yourself feels stupid.
Like others have said, it's completely idiotic that she ends up having to use her grenade on herself. Had it been a simple healing grenade, ok, borderline acceptable, but the fact that it's such a great situational grenade offensively, for denying a roadhog vape or better yet, transcendence or coalescence healing, makes using it as self-healing really detrimental to her kit's potential utility. She really needs a sustain passive.
The biggest issue with Ana for the moment is those times when you are trying to shoot someone on the opposing team but someone on your team stands in the way causing you to heal.

Penetrating shots would be the solution to both her viability in a team fight and overcome this problem.
What about giving here a biotic field like soldier?

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