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Looking for Players - PC
Hello fellow Heroes!

Forge is a discord server created to help fellow overwatch players make friends, group up, and avoid the solo queue! Whether you enjoy Competitive, quickplay, or arcade, there's a place for everyone! Everyone is sorted by rank, and which hero(es) they main, so finding players with a similar rank and synergy is simple!

We're primarily NA based, however, we're building a community of EU players as well, and having EU players try playing on NA servers while dealing with high latency is NOT enjoyable! So, that is why I am here, looking for EU players that want to join us! Our EU community is small right now, but steadily growing. The discord server is just over a week old, but we already have an active playerbase of over 100 people.

We are currently building Open Division teams, and need people to fill our rosters! Feel free to hop in and check us out!

https:// (remove the space in between // and discord.)

Happy gaming!
Bump! :)
Bump! Still growing our EU community!
Bump! Getting a small handful of EU members each day! Come check us out :)
Bump! :)
192 Members and still growing! Need more EU players! Feel free to just come and hang with us if there aren't enough EU members on :)
Bump! Please be patient as our EU community grows!
200+ members total!
Bump. 211 Members overall!
Bump. Come find people this off-season and be ready to roll in S10!
Bump! New seasons here, so come find some people to group up with! Also, doing a discord party this Friday! Custom OW games, PUBG/Fortnite, Hearthstone; we're expanding!
Bump! Still growing! :)
Bump! Have a good weekend :)

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