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Hi everyone,

My gaming buddy and I are looking to find some people to pair up with, and maybe eventually form a team. We're at the point where we're both competent and can do pretty well paired up with each other, but when we play with randoms most people are just running around doing their own thing. We'd like to do some more teamwork and get better, but due to schedules we can't always play every night. I can do most weekends for 2-3 hours, and 1 or 2 days during the week for an hour or so, always in the evenings. I'm on US Central Time, my buddy is on Pacific Time.

For now we'd like to find a few other like-minded players with schedules that will work with ours, so that we can regularly form a group of 3 or 4 at any given time we want to play. Not necessarily looking to form a 6-stack yet, because if you go in with 6 people you get set up with an opposing group of 6, and we'd like to improve before going up against experienced teams. So far we have exclusively done quick play, but are willing to try competitive if we can get a decent group going.

Ideally we're looking for people who are comfortable with at least 1, preferably 2 heroes from each category, not someone who is just looking to play the same character all the time. My strong area seems to be tanking, and with the right support I can play a pretty mean D.Va, Orisa or Zarya. My buddy is best at offense, primarily Soldier and Reaper. Sometimes we'll do the PharMercy combo, provided there's a second healer on the team. When I do support I'm trying to get good with Zenyatta. I think defense is the weakest area for both of us, and also we're bad at sniping.

The goal is improvement and learning strategy, so we're very open to constructive criticism and discussing what did and didn't work, and how to do better. However I have zero tolerance for insults and personal attacks. (I put up with that crap in school growing up, I will not put up with it as an adult in my favorite hobby.) Also my friend has specified adults only, no kids. (Sorry, life isn't fair, it's better if you learn that now.)

So if all of this sounds like we'd be a good fit with you, please PM me and I'll share our PSN IDs, and we can try playing together sometime.

Forge onward.
I'd like to team up with u but first of all I have to know ur exact rank and SR
I play D. Va, bastion, reaper and mcree and hanzo, and I can play mercy if needed

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