PS4 players looking for 16+ years old players for comp.

Looking for Players - Console
Me and my friend are stuck in 1500-2000 and we want to push rank. We live in Finland and we mainly game from klo 18-22 on ma-fri and on weekends.

No need for mics if you are shy cause we are just looking for players twho take competive seriously and want to push sr.
Hi Tactical gaming is looking for players. If you are available on Wednesdays and Sundays from 7-9 PM GMT please visit we are a gaming community. We have social and competitive teams.
Yea I’m 16 so add me Quinn_39
I'm also stuck at about 1500, add me: eawho
I am stuck just below 1500, add me danielson321
My time zone is GMT
hi, I don't care about this season anymore
I'm so annoyed from throwers and players who don't get the game seriously
I'm 16 too
psn DarkGamer7I, it's i next to 7 not 1
I'd like to get a good team to play with in next season so add me if u want ^ ^
Hi, I have a team that can help you out. I just need you to make a discord because my group uses that for communicating instead of mics. My timezone is Pacific Time and my PSN is DarkSavior117. My discord is MasterOX1#3251. We usually play on weekends from 1-5pm. Just let me know if you added me.

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