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Looking for Players - PC
Hi everyone, I'm the lead for team One4All, and I'm looking for players to join with me and the other members in our climb for higher ranks and in participation in weekly scrims. For the most part the team consist of mid to high plat players, except for me and my second in charge which we reside in the 3400. We are all good friends, and want nothing but have everyone improve in their own game and grow together, I'm mostly interested in dps players who can flex around other roles, but other players are welcomed as well, given we are very flexible ourselves.

Conduct is very important to us, if you are interested in joining be mindful that this is a mature team that does not tolerate toxicity, we do joke around and have fun all around, we also join together in other games, and we are basically pretty close group of friends, if you'd like to join us, reply to me here and expect an answer within a day or two.

Looking forward meeting some new members and hopefully new friends.
3k+ Dps Hitscan/tracer intressted.

dps/flex i dont play a bad genji i just dont play a great one :P
Looking forward to discuss your plans as a team

mid plat flex player
Low Diamond SR 3108, Zen main, can play all the support heroes though.

3000 SR, soldier 76 main, but i can play all tanks except Zarya
Hey would love to join i am around mid gold at the moment and i can flex but my best hero would have to be zen

Battle.ID: SatanicSinz#2898

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