xbox one comp is full of lag and bull**ittery

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i been playing comp on xbox one and the past 3-4 games have either had a hard lagging 2 stack / wall breaching bastions / some how a aimbotter playing mcree with tracking and aim like a expert mode bot they straight headshot you like him then there was the toxic people calling my team and team mates noobs and sh*t at the game and that we should kill ourselfs because we lost this is completely unacceptable for a community to be and act yet they have nothing done to them no punishment nothing the report most probably get ignored or pushed to a must read folder its pathetic the amount of bull**it that is allowed to happen on their game even though its against the rules they set for the game why set rules if your not going to enforce the damn things urghhhh rant over
If people are that toxic and using profanity, report them through the Xbox system rather than OW. They'll be banned from all comms for a period of time (2 days, 1 week etc).
Speaking from experience, this is a heavy penalty and made me reconsider taking the bait with salty players.

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