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Looking for Players - Console
Hello all!

My name is Vampy and I am looking for new friends to play QP, Comp, etc. on Overwatch [PS4]. I have created a discord community where we can chat and plan for sessions.

All SR ranks welcomed. All levels welcomed. I will ask that ages be 16+ as I have a tendency to use language that is not really appropriate for little ears.

I'm currently ranked Gold. Just in need of a nice group of friends who enjoy Overwatch as much as I do.

Reply down below with your PSN, age, discord name and favorite heroes to play for an invite to the discord group.

Note: Im in NA. Not EU but feel free to join!
Age :20
Favourite heroes : soldier main but can flex to tank like orisa , roadhog &dva.
Support : lucio &zen
17/04/2018 00:09Posted by Baz
Age :20
Favourite heroes : soldier main but can flex to tank like orisa , roadhog &dva.
Support : lucio &zen

Can you also provide your discord name so I may add you and send you the invite? Thank you ^-^
PSN: YourMomLikesBBC
Main: Orisa
Discord: ShadowPalkia#6819
PSN: njacks123456
Age: 15..
Mains: I main both dva and Lucio but I'm pretty good with Genji and mercy
Discord: ninja Jas
PSN: Colinboy370
Age: 15 ( 16 in July)
Main: Zarya and Zenyatta mostly
Rank: Gold 2316 SR
Discord: Spartelman#9261
Note: English is not my native language so I May not understand Some little things
PSN: Poworcat
Age: 12 (but I swear too, and I talk like a 16yo+)
Mains: Mercy (75+ hrs), Ana, Widowmaker (15+ hrs)
Rank: Gold 2170 season high
Discord: papernote#2596
Note: Don't underestimate my age! I make callouts and usually only speak when it's important. I play in six-stacks and I coach my sister (in Bronze) and other Support class players.
Note: I'm female, sorry if that bothers you.
Time: 3pm to 5pm, Central time

Last note, I promise: I'd absolutely love it if you added me. Just don't reject me for my age, especially since I have a deep voice and I ain't a squeaker. Thanks ^-^
PSN - FlashyDCT
age - 22
discord - Dcorpio#6434
name - Dean
favorite heroes to play - most dps, orisa, winston and moira.

season 9 (first season) high - 2466.
Hey guys! I’m LadyMusky from Tactical gaming we are looking for more people who are interested in working together as a team, improving their game play and tactics.

We hold practices twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday from 8pm-10pm EST for NA and 8pm-10pm GMT for EU. During practice you can expect to be doing scrimmages where we practice shot calling, Ult combos and coordination, focus firing ect. We are a friendly group of people, and personally have made some friends through TG.

Our requirements are:
- Be Respectful
- 16+
- Mic
- Be active

If you have any questions or are interested in joining please feel free to message me on my PSN LadyMusky.
PSN: DarkGamer7I(it's i next to 7 not 1^ ^)
DISCORD: DarkGamer7I {1308}CET
RANK: 1300, was 1802 but dropped to bronze coz my brother played with my account while I wasn't home
MAINS:I play D. va, She's my Bae, and I main tracer too(but don't play her in comp) and can play moira, bastion, and mercy if needed
AGE:I'm 16 and I don't care about inappropriate words since u may hear them from me lol
I'm kind and love the game and play it 4 fun
and I'd really like to rank up and get a good team in next season
Hey guys! I have a discord group too and we are looking for more people. I will list my info below.

PSN: DarkSavior117
Discord: MasterOX1#3251
Mains: I mostly flex, but I use Genji more frequently. The only heroes I am not comfortable playing with is Widowmaker and Doomfist.
Age: Currently 22
Rank: 1900ish
Hey, I'm a chill person also looking for some more PS4 overwatch friends. I mostly play quickplay but am very open to playing competitive(even though sometimes it hurts my soul)
Ohh, and I'm in Eastern Canada in case you need to know time differences and such (-3:30GMT)

PSN: PiercedNotDead
Discord: PiercedNotDead#1471
Main: Moira
Other Favs: Reaper, Tracer, Mcree, Mercy, Reinhardt, 76
Most of my IRL friends like to play DPS so I play a lot of flex
Age: 23
Rank: 2800ish last season. Was my first season on PS4 but played on Xbox and PC before settling on PS4 as my main Overwatch account.

Looking forward to some fun games with you fine folks!!!
PSN: Airrifle4894
Discord: Gargarensism#8356
Mains: Each healer role. I can flex to tank. I also play DPS but only if necessary.
Rank: Low gold.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I am 18.
Favorite Heroes: McCree,Hanzo,Dva,Brigitte
Current SR - 3500
discord name - Rawlp#6211
Mercy, Hog
PSN: Smiley087
Main: Mercy
- DPS: Junkrat, Bastion and Soldier 76
- Tank: DVA, Rein and Orisa
Discord: Smiley#4761
Age: 30
Location: Belgium
PSN: Lilzulli
Discord: Lilzulli#4762
Age: 20
Mainly tank/support, will play anything
PSN: xXdawidXx
discord: dawid
Mainly support

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