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Hi. I'm interested in finding a few new friends to game with. I'm mature (as in, I grew up listening to new Led Zeppelin tunes playing on the radio and playing the original Atari 2600 games kind of mature), friendly, easy to get along with, use a mic, and am team-minded. I'm flexible but enjoy playing Moira, Soldier, Orisa, and Mercy the most. I like to play smart and win games, but I'm not obsessive about rank. My primary goal is to have fun and socialize while drinking beer and shooting people. :-) I generally place around 2200 or so and am happiest playing at the gold/plat levels. I'm on most days, usually in the evening/night, but sometimes in the late afternoons (US Central Time).

My Xbox Live gamertag = "Brian Evidently". Send me a FR/invite and let's hang out and play!

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