I cant play 2 roles in 1 game!?

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I am continually put in a position where i have to tank and support. My team comp is the same every time: 5 damage and a support or a tank. This leaves me in a position where i need to tank AND support. I just dont see a way forward for competitive mode without a solution to this problem. You want to play for fun? arcade and qp are there, u want to win? competitive. No communication on console, when you do get it 9/10 its a dude blaring music throwing all kinds of abuse at players so im not going to talk to the guy. I need a team of fellow plats, cant see myself playing much longer if this is how it is. If your on console and roughly plat add SMHanleyx. 4, 5 or 6 stack it out of this hell that is platinum, see if the grass is greener.
Your in luck fellow player.. Blizzard now has Brigette, she can tank and heal at the same time :)

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