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Looking for Players - Console
[PS4] [Diamond] [EU] 3 UK players looking to form a 6 stack. We play most nights 10pm until around midnight. We need a Hitscan/tracer DPS, a mercy/Lucio support, and a D.Va/Hog/occasional Zarya off tank. We would like people flexible enough to fill and stick to these roles and allow us to run standard comps (Full dive, Anti-dive, Slambulance etc.) You'd be able to follow a shotcaller whilst constructively providing your own input to the team in/out of matches. If you're interested add me on PSN; quearns
Preferably; 18+, English 1st language or strong 2nd, not a OTP looking for people to build around them.
Hi I'm 22
I'm good with dva zarya Moira Zen mercy and Tracer
If you're interested tell me your psn name :)
Hi Green leaf, are you around Diamond SR? Would you be interested playing Mercy, Zen, Moira with us and focusing on covering all our healing needs? My psn is quearns

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