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Looking for Players - Console
Hi all! I’m a 23 years old guy that is looking for other people (i’d prefer people aged 18+) to do some good comp matches. I play mostly in the afternoon and before lunch. Some days i can play also after dinner, but it’s kinda impredictable :( btw i’m mid gold due to many Matches lost at the start. i use mostly support (Lucio and zeniatta) and tank (reinhart and roadhog), but i’m pretty good with soldier also. If u wanna add me my psn nickname is Ehiehiyou. It’s obvious to say that i’d love to heavily teamworking, so plz have headphones and mic!
If u wanna know where i’m from i’m italian :)
I'd like to help u but I'm under 18...
hey im 22 and i'd like to play im gold too add me robowizard#21156
PSN: Poworcat
Discord: papernote#2596
Rank: Low Gold (2100ish)
Age: 12 (but I sound 18+ and I am mature)
Role: Support/Flex
If your still on my PSN: JADunks
I'm sitting at 2342
Typically main supports and tanks until someone starts spamming "need healing"

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