Legendary Retribution (PS4)

Looking for Players - Console
Looking for 3 others (expert players) to beat Retribution on legendary. I will be playing Genji and you should be comfortable playing one of the other 3 roles. Please be an adult and have a mic. Knowing the stats would be beneficial, but I can explain them if necessary...
i would join if your still interested in beating legendary.
i prefer playing mccre but i can also play reaper .
my psn is MRVEX117
I am still looking to do this myself if you guys are down.

my psn is - I_Am_The_Gazra.
I'm also looking for a group to beat legendary and I prefer to play Moira.

My PSN is Jellefish
I've gotten to the two heavys mutliple times, wanting to get this over with. I prefer Mccree, but can play anyone. I'm Master rank, and know the strats but I don't use a mic.

PSN: natomic

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