Searching for a ps4 comp players

Looking for Players - Console
Hi I'm searching for low/high silver players
I used to be at 1802 Sr but had to leave home and my brother played with my account and dropped me to 1350
Now I'm searching for a good team to play with
I'm a little bit shy, a 16 years old boy, and I'd like to rank up fast with some good players that I'd like to be a real friend with
Wanna team up with me?
P. S: my PSN is DarkGamer7I, just shoot me a msg if u'd like to play with me(btw it's an i next to 7 not 1)
Yeah I would what's you gamertag
My PSN is DarkGamer7I
What about urs?
BTW it's i next to the 7 not 1^ ^

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