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Looking for Players - Console
Hey ho!

My team is currently looking for new members to stack up in comp with. We are 7 players in low diamond and we regularly play together (almost daily, we try to group up for comp around 3 times a week for a couple of hours).
Other than that, we do a lot of custom games, expanding our hero pool, helping to improve and learn new heroes, practicing strats for certain maps, watch Overwatch League together or just joke around on our Discord Server.

Who we are:
7 friendly people, that have been playing together for around 2 months now - we all have improved a lot in that time and want to keep doing that.
We also got a GM Coach, that goes through different strats with us every Friday, and who watches our Gameplay to help us figure out how we can improve.

What we expect:
-You are a 2900-3200 player
-You use a Mic
-You are 16+
-No Edgelords, pls

If you are interested, please write me a message and tell me a bit about yourself - the more the better (SR, Mains, Timezone, etc.)

See you then! Psn: Miikumon

Widow-mains are welcome
Hi, yes I’ve been looking for a solid team, I actually am on PlayStation. I used to be on pc but I have switched over in the past months. I don’t entirely meet the requirements, my season high is 2814 and the team I was with was low gold so I dropped a little bit. I really wanna be committed about it though and really put in the work. I know I’m a long shot, but I’ve really been looking for something serious. I play some reaper, I’m a support main, Moria and a bit of Zen. I’m 16 I do use Mic, but looking for something, psn on PS4 is eleven11v

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