Looking for players to grind Retribution/Uprising! EU

Looking for Players - Console
Hi there!

I'm a lvl 99 player in the EU and i'm looking for some people to chill out with and play the events with. If I were to pick a main, i'd say I am a Moira main simply because I've played 22 hours with her.

With Retribution, I have gotten right to the end of Legendary with a team comp of Orisa, Zenyatta, Bastion and myself playing Soldier. However, after the Bastion decided they wanted more kills, they died right at the end - this was before the patch where we can leave them behind.

I'm always looking to learn and i'd say I play a decent McCree (not sure about on Legendary but i'm done expert well with him).

So if you're a player also looking to collect sprays, grind up some loot boxes for those gorgeous skins or if you fancy teaching someone something new - about team comps, best times to use ults and such - feel free to add me!

PSN : LittleMsJester

I have a couple of friends I play with already but being level 400+, I feel like I need to get better to keep up with their high standards. :)

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