[PS4] [EU-UK] [2604SR] [Main:Healer] [Flex:Tank] [Mic]

Looking for Players - Console
Does what it says on the tin ;)

I was just getting into the swing of comp, but my team's a bit here and there. Gotta open up those horizons!

Decent healer, top 4% for Healing according to MasterOverwatch:

Top 1% despite only putting 12 hours into the game on PC:

And I'm a slippery b*****d for flankers!

Main: Mercy / Lucio / Moira
Flex: Orisa / Reinhardt (i like my shields, they're underutilised)

- Not toxic.
- Don't complain.
- Open to flex.

Wouldn't mind hooking up with a pre-made team (possibly 2-3 stack) to roll into comp with. I use my mic to make callouts, so I'd prefer players who also use mics. If you're fluent in English, all the better.

PSN: FuriousNorth

DM/add on PSN please!
Hi, I run a reasonably successful discord with around 40 members ranging from bronze to GM.
There are 2 T500 coaches who can give you constructive feedback on your competitive games and we run some fun events too

If you're interested my original thread is here

Post me you DISCORD username and I'll get you in the server. I can't add you to it with just your PSN. Hopefully see you there :)

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