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Stay awhile and listen...


We bid thee welcome, stranger. We are the FirstBlooD, a group of like minded people sharing a common passion – Overwatch. Our community is bound by two simple principles - healthy competition and rivalship, followed by a desire to have some great time together.

Wonder what we are looking for?

We are looking for players of old and new to join our crew. Whether you are looking for competitve experience or a quick round of team deathmatch, we are certain you will find your place amongst us!

Our goal is to promote a friendly and welcoming gaming environment, so if you show any traits going against said goal, you might be better off for yourself. There is no rank requirement, as we believe everyone can improve or deserve to have fun with fellow clanmates.

What we can offer:

- Deriving pleasure from the game in a mature and relaxed atmosphere.
- Well organised structure.
- Helpful and grown-up administration.
- Clan events.
- Willingness to listen to your feedback.

Requirements you are obliged to meet:

1. You must be at least 16 years old.
2. Be able to use English at a sufficient level.
3. Willingness to commit both socially and gameplay wise.
4. A working microphone.
5. Do. Not. Be. Toxic.

To get started, join the server!

For general inquiries
We are looking for people who just like us enjoy playing games with a group of like-minded friends. Our Discord is waiting for You ;)
Just a little bump. The median age of our members and admin stuff is considerably above the required one. We strongly encourage mature and younger players to join us. See you on the Discord ;)

We would like to present to you our short promo movie:
The community is great with various SR so surely you'll find a mate to play with. We are playing comps and arcades so don't worry if you are not a "competitive player".
I recommend joining us just to find out how great this community is :D
We are still looking for friendly and active players. Your rank does not matter. Among us you can find Bronze players as well as Grand Masters :)
Currently we have around 30 active players. We are waiting for you on the Discord ;)
We are growing steadily. Feel free to join ;)
Once again, I bid you welcome random lurkers!

I'm happy to announce that our community is steadily growing, almost at 40 members now!

Have any changes been made recently? Hell yes! We're organising custom comp 6v6s on a weekly basis to help you improve as both players and teammates, and you get to know each other better! No downsides! If you hurry, you might make it just for the first round of matches. ;)
Also, we've taken steps into creating our own team for OW Open Division and other tournaments! Please contact me or Vezyr to discuss the details. Only requirement in addition to those above - Be a +3k SR player.
One hour left to our first 6vs6 clan event. We have almost 18 people who will participate. The event will be transmitted via Twitch:

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