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Looking for Players - Console
Hello, if you are on Xbox then Shockwave Gaming will be the place for you. We are a community of gamers that play all different titles, whether casually or competitively. We are all laid back, easy going individuals who can have fun no matter what or we can be serious and go hard on games. Being led by two former cod pros we have a system which allows gamers to get better with little adjustments and coaching. We also try to help all of our members if they are having a problem whether on a game or in their life. Shockwave is a brotherhood of some of the best gamers on Xbox and we would love to add more members that share our same values and interests. If you are interested please take the first step and sign up and apply on our website Shockwave-Gaming.boards.net. You can also message Sw Vybe and/or Sw l Boston l when you do so they can review your application and give you the next step.

We will be the biggest and best community on Xbox but we need people who share our interests to help us grow. Do not wait to join, this will be a great opportunity in many respects, not just gaming related. I look forward to possibly meeting you in the near future.

We are looking to get some squads for the upcoming season.
We now have 53 members and have new members weekly, apply now to join the fastest growing community on Xbox.
We are looking to get a full 6 squad at plat or above. We will hopefully be placed high plat to diamond.
We had a few new members join this weekend join now to squad up and meet our members. We have players in all SR tiers.
European or North American?
07/05/2018 21:55Posted by Upriser14
European or North American?

Mostly North American
Next session is tomorrow at 7pm Eastern, apply now to be invited.
We are rapidly growing and coming up with new ideas to reward our community, join now to participate in our challenges.

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