[PS4] LF a G/P to push in S10.

Looking for Players - Console
i am looking for a group (3 - 5 people, not 6 because i heared queue is terrible) to go more or less serious on season 10. I had last season 2060 - 2300SR and aiming to go atleast 2500+SR or maybe even 3kSR.

I can speak ENG/GER and usually up on the afternoon sicne i am working during the day. Somedays i might even online more.

I am usually play Off-Tank (D.Va) or Supp (Moira, Zenyatta and Brigitte). I didnt played a lot last season because of private reasons but planning to change this in the next one.

Write me here or add me in discord Mana#2326.

Best regards :)

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