Looking to build a team [PS4] [Diamond]

Looking for Players - Console
Hey guys, I'm looking to set up a team to play in season 10.
I currently have 3 players in the team, including myself.

I finished season 9 with a SR of 3343. I am a flex player, however the heroes I excel at is DVA (got to mid masters playing DVA in season 7+8), tracer and hitscan. I can play support if it is needed.

The second member of the team is a support player, he mostly plays moira but can flex to other heroes. His SR at the end of season 9 was 3200.

The third member of the team is a zen/lucio player but can also play main tank if needed. His SR ended at 3000 due to decay.

Looking to climb back into masters,
Everyone is welcome!

My PSN is Katie_farmer123, feel free to add me or post on here, either is good :)
Hi! I'm looking for a solid team to climb competitive with in Season 10!

I just placed at SR:2921, and I'm maining as Support (Brigitte) for this season. But I can flex to DPS (Tracer/Sombra). I have a handful of friends to play with, but no set team to compete with. I also have a mic!

PSN ID: Fruit_Salad_Hero
IM looking for a team, mostly play tanks.

Psn Vign

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