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Looking for Players - Console
Hey there!

Like so many people out there I am enjoying overwatch on my ps4 but was wondering if there are people out there who sometimes want to hang out or play some qp/arcade and eventually competitive. always up for a chat. Eventually on discord or the ps4 voice chat.
My ps4 name: MVinnyBoy
Just want to have a nice team of people who I can play with, talkative people appreciated ;)
16+ maybe :p im 19 myself (Belgium)

play with you soon(?)
Hey man,

I'm always up to play with some new people. I'm 23 from Canada and a pretty chill person.
PSN is PiercedNotDead, feel free to add me!

Hopefully have some fun and play some good game!
Add me up bro my son is the same as my name on here I’m down to play just switched from pc to ps4

I mostly play comp, but feel free to add me. My PSN is Smiley087. It's nice to see someone from the same region :) (i'm also from Belgium).

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