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Hey everyone,

welcome, stranger. I'm Twisttz and I'm one of the founding Leaders of Meme Dream, and I'm honoured to present to you our creation! Our community is bound by two simple principles - healthy competition rivalship and fun followed by a desire to have some great time with other human beings like yourself.

Before I start going on about requirement and what we can give you from this, here is side note.

We're still working on running the server and opening it up more to the people. For example we, as a community, are wanting to host events such as tournaments and make semi-professional teams inside our community which you all can join

Wonder what we're looking for?

We're looking for players of old and new to join our lovely crew. Whether you're looking for competitve experience or a quick round of team deathmatch, we're certain you'll find your place amongst us!

Our goal is to promote a friendly and welcoming gaming enviroment, so if you show any traits going against said goal, you might be better off for yourself. There is no rank requirement, as we believe everyone can improve or deserve to have fun with fellow clanmates.

So, what can we offer you? Well we can offer:

- Deriving pleasure from the game in a mature and relaxed atmosphere where you can meet and play with newly-found companions.
- Well organised structure throughout the community.
- Helpful and grown-up administration to help you with any problems or needs.
- Clan events such as tournaments and semi-professional teams you can join.
- Willingness to listen to your suggestions and improve our server for you.

Requirements you are obliged to meet.

1. You must be 14 years of age or older to join our community.
2. You must speak adequate English or there so.
3. Willingness to commit both socially and gameplay wise to the community and fellow partners.
4. A working microphone. Communication is key!
5. Do not be toxic. toxicity is a leading cause in why many people cease to play the game. we do not want to be shunned by players for a persons actions, which makes us look bad, who hold access to our community.

To get started, join the server!

I hope to see you soon, Twisttz
Damn I am hyped for your team
We have recently added coaching to our server by people in Master and above. If you guys need some 1 to 1 help our guys are here.
We have also been busy and added a rainbow six division so if you guys want to join and sign up to that too it's there.
We are still looking for people to try out for our Team so be sure to join and try out!
Bye for now
New coaching system in place too for extra support conducted by master ranked players in our server. Come receive some support for any hero of your choice by our coaches.
Still looking for players for new team tryouts
Nearly time for tryouts to begin join soon if you want to participate

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