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Leavers are becoming more common, for me anyways, during most of my competitive matches. I remember reading a while ago that Blizzard were gonna be more harsh in the punishments for those who left early, but it doesn't seem like it's enough to motivate people to stay until the end. It's honestly infuriating.

I want Blizzard to be extremely harsh to these type of people, or in other words, the punishments that are given last longer and it needs less instances of leaving for the punishments to be delivered.
punishing the leavers doesn't really help in my opinion, since the teammates who just lost the match due to the leaver don't get compensated
The problem is not all leavers are leaving of their own choice right now just had a game which was a pure draw because the other team had someone with bad net connection that kept droping out till round 4 if the player had control they would of not left and it would of been a big lose for my team.

Right now players are experiencing bugs with the game crashing out to the point of only way to fix it is restart your pc and some players are finding that they are getting booted from games when their net is working fine their are problems with the game since the latest patch I personally had 2 instances of the crash yesterday and lost 100sr because of it nothing wrong with my machine at all.

Leavers are a problem I agree but the best way for blizz to fix it is implement a player has left game pauses and the team with out the leaver must chose to bench a player either by vote or volunteer system then game starts back up and if the player returns the game pauses again and the bench player gets back in this way it always stays fair.
Get used to it or get out,ive had 4 games lost today due to leavers,its normal in OW i think.Ive been playing since season 2-3 and its been always like this.
I know a lot of people have been having game crash issues (including myself). I have reported the issues, done full wipes of my computer so nothing besides overwatch is on it. and still getting these.

Paired with the new season 10 glitch that has been hitting people where they relaunch game and have no option of rejoining the game, it makes it seem there are more leavers.

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