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Hi everyone,
I am a distressed PS4 player who had one bad season and ended up in the total abyss of Silver.
We all know how suicidal it is to try and actually play as a team at that low of an ELO, therefore I'm looking for people who are in my same situation to rank up and get back to Gold and eventually Platinum.
I don't have one hero that I main way more than the others, solo queuing at that level doesn't really give you much option to main anybody, as you're usually adapting to your team more than anything. However, my favorites in each category are Tracer, Mei, Roadhog/D.Va, and Moira/Zenyatta (though playing Brigitte this new season is super fun).
Anyway, if you're interested and have a mic add me on PSN: XxNunoNYxX (I hate that nickname too) and we'll try to get out this black hole together.
Im at 2000 and something but i dont remember. Id like to team up with someone to rank up i have a mic but im age 11. I main lucio with 60 hours and i can play heling and dps lucio. My PSN is TimoLaur0neN

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