Looking for teammates for comp (PS4)

Looking for Players - Console
I am looking for people to play with in comp on PS4, to get out of gold hell, and avoid the gamble that is soloqueue. I can play tank and support, and my mains are Lúcio and D.VA. If you want to join me, my PSN is MeesL_123. I am currently sr 2100, and I speak English, though I am Dutch.

I hope to see you in comp!
Hey, I could probably help, i'm in 2100 ish (was 2397) my mains are support and offence, My psn: Alyssa04496
You think gold is he'll? Oh boy wait for plat
I’m facing the same problem. In my case, I actually have a group but we need more practice as a team first before going on competitive. You are more than welcome to join. My group mostly communicates with discord though. I haven’t completed my placement matches, but my SR last season is 1900ish.
PSN: DarkSavior117
Discord: MasterOX1#3251
Add me at Chief_6k

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